Weekly Youth Nights, Every Wednesday

We want to continue to offer support and care for our students as we all navigate through the Covid-19 Pandemic.  As you are well aware, social distancing is essential in the efforts to flatten the curve and this presents a unique challenge for churches and youth ministries the world over.  BUT we will continue to meet, every Wednesday, it will just look different.  For now, we will be meeting through Zoom in order to see and speak to each other.  Our community is vitally important to our growth and the body of Christ. 

To be included in the weekly emails which will include links to our zoom chats, you can sign up to our weekly email below, or you can call or email Jeff at 519-471-2290 ext 226 or  While I am not at the Church working daily, I can still access email and my voicemail at church and call you back. 
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Sunday Morning

Every Sunday Morning around 10am, located on our YouTube Page, Oakridge Presbyterian Church, you can find a video lesson.  This will continue until we are able to meet together again in person. 

Pizza Lunch

Pizza Lunch is canceled until further notice.  Once the current state of our pandemic is over, we will re-convene.  We miss you all!

Special Events

Occasionally we will go on an outing or attend a special event.  These events, dates, times, costs and associated forms, will be listed here.

  • Wednesday Night Youth Group Zoom Meeting @ 6:30pm. Email Jeff to get the link to join. 
For any further information, please don't hesitate to contact Jeff Hopkins by email at or by phone at 519-471-2290 ext 226