Music Ministry


Christmas Eve Services 

6:00pm     Family Christmas with children 
                  Music by Triplechords and String Club 

8:00pm     Lessons and Carols with Chancel Choir,
                  Guest Musicians and Praise Team 

11:00pm   Candlelight Service with Communion 

Holidays Break 

All practices are cancelled on 
December 25 and 26, January 1 and 2

Oakridge Chancel Choir 

We are always hoping for more voices in our choir, whose numbers sometimes swell to over 50 voices on special occasions.

Practices take place Thursday evenings from 7:15pm until 8:00pm.



Oakridge Spirit Ringers 

Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 is the time that the Oakridge Spirit Ringers meet to practice hand-bell and chime selections together. Under the very capable leadership of Judy Riseling, this dedicated group is committed to performing in Services regularly and have occasionally performed elsewhere in the community. We are a few short of a full choir, and newcomers will be most welcome to give its try!

The String Club

Youth, ages 7 and up are invited to learn and play violin, viola and cello. There are classes for both beginners and more advanced players weekly, both held at 4:15 Thursdays. Loaner instruments are provided as available and the classes are provided free of charge. Registration for inclusion in this class takes place from late September until mid-November each year. We accept new members in the class at any time if they have had sufficient lessons to join in with the others.

Guitar Class

Youth age 7 and up are invited to join us Thursdays at 5:15 for an introduction to rhythm guitar playing.

After a 15 to 20 minute learning session, guitarists join the Youth Praise Band Practice, initially playing rhythm instruments such as a drum or tambourine.

Modern Praise Music 

On Wednesdays from 6 to 7 we invite adult and teen vocalists and musicians who wish to provide leadership in Services to join us as we prepare contemporary music. Join us as we explore new praise songs that are popular in other churches and prepare suitable ones for inclusion in both of our Services.


 Modern Praise Pods 

The Contemporary Style Services feature music performed by a ‘Pod’, which consists of a group of experienced musicians who work together to prepare and present contemporary music. If you’re a musician who’d like to be involved, let us know!


 Youth, from ages 6 and up, gather to develop singing, music reading and basic performance skills while having fun! This year they are under the leadership of well-known London music teacher, Sherry Curran.  Sherry is helping prepare music during Sunday School time for the Christmas Season. Youth Choir will resume Thursdays at 6:30 beginning Jan. 9.


Learning the craft of music, mixing, electronics and computers.This year we are working on a project of assembling a portable wireless sound system that willrun on solar power and rock! 

Ages 12 and up. 

Youth Praise Band

Thursdays at 5:15 is when we meet for the TripleCords practice. We explore Pop and Folk forms of Praise Music and usually cover a minimum of 5 pieces per practices. Members who can play guitars, basses, drums and keyboards are welcome!

Special Services Music

For Christmas Eve Services, musicians who have joined us in the pastare welcome to join us. Please talk to Anca or Dave about being included on our Google Drive to keep in touch with upcoming special music and liturgies. 

For more information on any of our music programs here at OPC, please talk to 

Dave Buckley 519 471 2290 ext 228