Pastoral Care

Summer 2022

For regular pastoral visits please call Rev. Michael Stol at 519-870-3849

In case of emergency, during office hours please call the office (Monday to Friday). If Kathy is not in, please choose Rev Tim’s extension (222). If Rev Tim is unavailable you will receive a message that will direct you to emergency contact information.

 Rev. Tim will be covering after hours from Monday to Thursday and  Rev. Michael Stol will be covering Friday to Sunday.

During Rev. Tim’s Vacation (August 22- Sept. 11) Rev. Michael will be covering all pastoral needs and funerals (Aug. 22-Sept 4) and Wilma will be covering all pastoral needs and funerals (Sept. 6-11). 


Bible Studies

Bethel Bible Study

The congregational Bethel program provides a comprehensive and exciting overview of the entire Bible. This two-year program involves the study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in two 10 - week sessions each year.  Year 1 is a look at the Old Testament, with year two featuring the New Testament. Participants will need to purchase binders of lesson notes produced at the Bethel headquarters in the US. Your instructor will order these binders on your behalf and also provide additional handouts for your use as the material requires. Each class will last about two hours to allow for explanation and discussion. For maximum benefit from this course, participants should be prepared to spend two to three hours in weekly preparation. A diploma is presented to those who successfully complete the course. The next offering of this course will be likely be delayed until January of 2022 or possibly later. Contact Bob Shirley for more details.

Tuesday morning Bible Study 10:00 a.m.

currently on hold due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols

Our methods for study are simple – we use the Bible and answer questions designed to provoke discussion and the sharing of personal insights in an atmosphere of encouragement and love. We focus on one book of the Bible at a time and have already studied a variety, including the Book of Acts, the Letters of Paul to the Romans, Galatians, Ephesians as well as the letters of Peter and John. Our last study (Fall of 2020) was the Book of Esther. We examined each of the main characters and discovered how God prepared Esther to save her people from destruction. We hope to begin a study of Ruth once we are able to meet in-person again. It is our intention to explore John’s gospel at a later date.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Currently on hold due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols

Service Connections


This group, well known for its craftsmanship is kept busy with all kinds of orders and would welcome anyone interested to serve in this hands-on ministry. This group meets Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the workshop off the parking lot. The Woodys work on various projects or on special tasks for the Church as required.

Social Connections-

The Wednesday Morning Café

Currently meets from 11 a.m. until noon on the south lawn and parking area, and will continue throughout the summer, weather permitting. Social distancing and safety rules are observed, so please bring your own lawn chair and beverage/snack. Hope to see you there!

Women’s Evening Connection/WEC

This monthly get together to brings women of all ages together for support and encouragement. Events offer a variety of programs, including themed events, exercises, crafts, small studies/videos, guest speakers, and a lot of good discussion and sharing.

Faith at the Flicks

Currently on hold due to COVID 19 health and safety protocols.

Faith at the Flicks is a fellowship group that explores biblical issues of forgiveness, loving your neighbour, discipleship, worship, evangelism, church history, and Christian biography through the vehicle of film.  It meets monthly off-site at the Inspirit Residence.  The evenings begin with a pot-luck meal, followed by a feature film (which could be a Christian or secular production) and a discussion of its content.  Hosted by David and Nancy Elliott.

As we move into different stages for re-opening Adult ministry programs will be starting up again, with the possibility for many new opportunities to learn and grow in our faith together! Please contact our Adult Ministries Coordinator, Wilma Boyce for additional information.