Lenten Resources: 

Ash Wednesday Service

Above is a YouTube Playlist where Rev. Mike Burns will be posting daily. 

There are also a number of Lenten Resources available at
Bethel Bible Series –
Building Historical Connections
The Bethel program provides a comprehensive and exciting overview of the entire Bible. Two levels are offered: the congregational level and the advanced level (which prepares instructors for the congregational level). This two year overview of the Bible from Genesis to revelation is offered in two 10 week sessions. Year 1 is a look at the Old Testament. Year 2 will be a look at the New Testament and has two sessions.
Bible Studies –
Building God Connections
The Bible is one connection piece that God uses to demonstrate His love for humankind. God has provided us an ever-relevant guidebook for those who want to follow Jesus. There are several Bible Study groups that meet through the week. We have a mixed group that meets at the church every Monday evening at 7:00 pm or Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. to study the passage of each Monday according to our one-year reading plan “Walk Through the Bible.” Learn more about God’s gift of Himself to us and discern how to follow Him to be a passionate follower of Christ. The Bible contains all the nutrients for a healthy soul. ‘Those who seek me diligently will find me.’
Life Groups –
Building Community Connections
A Life Group is composed of 3-14 people who agree to meet regularly for fellowship, study, prayer and service. Making connections is easier in a small group and helps make Sundays more personal. Life Groups are an excellent place for those who wish to grow in their faith and establish wonderful new friendships. Life Groups start at different times of the year. We offer a variety of small group experiences, some couples’ groups, some women only, some are in homes and others are at the church. Check out the website for new groups that would welcome your presence. You’re headed in the right direction when you walk with God.
Service Connections –
This men’s group, well known for its craftsmanship is kept busy with all kinds of orders and would welcome anyone interested to serve in this hands-on-ministry. This group meets Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the workshop off the parking lot. The Woodys work on Christmas Bazaar projects or on special tasks for the Church as required.
Women’s Ministry Events
The Women’s Ministry Team plan outreach programs to invite friends and neighbours to join us 3 – 4 times a year to a Ladies Night Out event. Ladies will be treated to an evening of music, fun, and food for the soul as well as the body. Special guest speakers come to share their testimonies on how God has been at work in their lives. We have had Cookies and Carols By Candlelight evening, Mother and Daughter Tea, Strawberry Social, Blues Fest, concert, etc. Details of the upcoming events will be posted on the website and in the Church Bulletin.
Faith at the Flicks
Faith at the Flicks is a fellowship group that explores biblical issues of forgiveness, loving your neighbour, discipleship, worship, evangelism, church history and Christian biography through the vehicle of film.  It meets monthly off-site at the Inspirit Residence.  The evenings begin with a pot-luck meal, followed by a feature film (which could be a Christian or secular production) and a discussion of its content.  Hosted by David and Nancy Elliott.
There are many more Adult ministry programs! Please contact our Adult Ministries Coordinator, Wilma Boyce.