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  • Jan4Wed

    Happy New Year

    January 4, 2017 Rev. Ed Hoekstra
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    Food for Thought

    Blessings and Peace to all of you as we start this new year, 2017! I hope that the joy of Christmas and the celebrations of God’s love continues to warm your heart as you go forward into the year.

    The habit of daily devotions is an important habit to help us remain aware of the God’s presence in our daily lives. As we start a year, we often think about what we would like to do more (and do less) to bring health and wholesomeness to our lives and to those we are in relationship with. 

    For an activity to become a habit, one must do it on a regular basis over a number of weeks before the habit takes hold. Here are some ideas which may help you develop the habit of a daily devotional time:

    1. Start with a devotional that is not too long, but one you can relate to.  The Presbyterian Church in Canada daily devotional for example, is a thoughtful devotional which we post on our website each day. There may another one which you prefer. Use the one which works best for you.  Some people read two or more devotionals a day. I would suggest that if you have not been in the habit of reading devotionals, start with one and move on from there.
    1. Try to do the devotional around the same time each day.  Consistency of when you do the devotional certainly helps one develop the habit. It is best to choose a time when you have the least amount of distractions.  Though not easy to do, it is important to make the time (put it in your daily schedule) to develop this habit. Our relationship with God through scripture, reflection and prayer strengthens us with everything else we do!
    1. If possible, it would be helpful to read the devotional in the same place each day. Find a comfortable place in your home or elsewhere where you feel relaxed.

    Beginning on January 8th, we are engaging in a sermon series on ‘Bridge builders’. God built a bridge of Love to each one of us through his Son, Jesus Christ. The question we ask ourselves is:  how are we building a bridge with God and with others each day of our lives?  We will explore various themes on how God calls us to be bridge builders for his Kingdom. Please come and join us for worship!


    In Christ’s service,

    Pastor Ed