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  • Oct11Tue

    After Thanksgiving

    October 11, 2016 Rev. Ed Hoekstra
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    Food for Thought
    Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we do not just move on to the next thing, but reflect on what we just celebrated! Thanks giving comes at a wonderful time of year to celebrate The weather is often not too hot and not too cold. Family comes together, and we affirm that God is good, and that God has provided and provides for us each day. The act of giving thanks actually makes us feel good.  I have read that when we are thankful, endorphins are released through ours brains and we feel good. We are created by our loving God to give thanks because it is good for us and thankfulness promotes joy.
    Starting on Sunday, October 16th and through to the week before advent begins (November 20th), as a congregation, we are embarking on a sermon series on I Corinthians 13: 1-8.  This piece of scripture, written by Paul, is all about love. When Paul saw the risen Christ on the road to Damascus, Paul was transformed from one who persecuted the followers of Jesus, to an evangelist who promoted the Good News of the Gospel. Paul was addressing the Corinthian church about 2000 years ago, but his message of love is just as relevant to us today!
    Through Jesus, we know that the nature of God is love. It follows then that Love is the most powerful force in the world. As we worship and reflect on this subject, let's pray that the love of the Holy Spirit may influence our thoughts and actions to reflect this love of God in our daily lives.
    In Faith,
    Pastor Ed