OPC Youth Council

Hello, all. As I mentioned before, I am trying to launch OPC youth council, and we are receiving nominations. Here are some details of what's involved and how you can become an OPC youth council member.

OPC Youth Council will be involved in two major works:
1. Developing and running activities and events in OPC Youth. We have weekly youth night and we would like to play fun games and activities. Youth Council will organize and run these games and activities. We also have a number of special events for OPC Youth throughout the year. OPC Youth Council will plan and run these events, working with John and adult volunteers.
2. Leading and Connecting with Small Groups. We would like to create small groups within OPC Youth. Occasionally, OPC Youth Council members will facilitate devotion and faith conversations for small groups. They will also be the ones who connect with their small group members for communication and receiving feedback from peers. They will notice if their peers in the small group have not been seen in the church for awhile and encourage them to become connected to the church again. They will also bring concerns and feedbacks from peers to the council and leadership.

What's Involved:
1. OPC Youth Council will receive training from John in summer. We will meet a couple of times for team building and training for the year ahead.
2. OPC Youth Council will meet monthly to pray, plan and discuss. John and adult volunteers will work with Youth Council in these monthly meetings.
3. OPC Youth Council will serve one year, from September 2017 until a new Youth Council becomes appointed in September 2018. We will have a Commissioning Sunday on September 10, which officially launches our OPC Youth Council.

How Can Someone be Involved:
1. First, one needs to be nominated to be considered. There are two ways you can nominate. You can nominate a youth on our facebook group page ( There is a poll and we need two people's support for someone to be considered as a candidate. If you do not have a facebook account, you can come to our church website and send in a nomination request ( Again, you will need two people's support to be considered as a candidate. Anyone can nominate (no need to be youth to nominate), and you can nominate yourself as well. You can nominate multiple people as well. The nomination will be closed at 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 25.
2. By default, candidates must be in our youth group age (Gr 6 to Pre-College) Once people are nominated, they will be contacted to inquire their willingness to stand and to be interviewed. After the interview process, we will announce our OPC Youth Council members by early July.

Please feel free to contact Rev. John for questions or clarification.

Nomination Form
Youth Night
Youth Night – Every Friday night

Every week is different! We have different indoor games for different age groups and also outdoor games and mission works. But, here’s how our youth night normally runs:
1st Friday: Junior youth only night
2nd Friday: Both Senior and Junior youth night
3rd Friday: Senior youth only night
4th Friday: Serving at Ark Aid Mission (696 Dundas St)
5th Friday (if there is one): Offsite event (Check our facebook page)
We have a different curriculum for different age group. On every 1st Friday, junior youth learn different aspects of faith and Bible through various games and activities. On every 2nd Friday, we teach based on the curriculum called weBelieve, produced by PC USA (link). On every 3rd Friday, senior youth go through a material called, Not a Fan (link).
Youth Programs
Canada Youth (Senior Youth Only)
Every once in two years (the next one is in 2016), for one week in summer, Senior high youth are invited to this Presbyterian nation-wide youth conference, where they engage in worship, games, small group discussions, workshops and many more for one week.
One Day Wonder (Junior Youth Only)
This is our London Presbytery-wide event for Junior high youth, and it’s usually in early March at one of the Presbyterian Churches in London (or nearby). The day is filled with worship, mission stops, recreations and small group discussions.
Neighbourhood Food Drive
Usually twice a year (One around Halloween and another around Easter), as part of youth night, we go out to our church’s neighbourhood to collect can or dried food for donation to Food Bank.
30 Hour Famine
Usually in late Fall or early Winter, we pick a cause that we would like to support and ask people to donate money towards the cause as the youth participants will do 30 hours of fasting. We normally spend a night together at the church, encouraging one another with devotions, prayer and games.
Pizza Lunch
In our attempt to reach the community youth and serve them, we provide pizza lunch at our church’s gym at a very reasonable price. We run sports program and other events to encourage fellowship at lunch.
Korean Youth Time
We have a significant size of Korean speaking youth in our church and they have a special time on every Sunday morning at 11:00 service downstairs in small hall. This time consists of music, prayer and Bible lessons.
2016 Youth Retreat

Event review: Youth Retreat @ L’arche Daybreak

Thanks to everyone that participated in our May 2017 Youth Retreat! Both Jr. and Sr. youth were invited and participated in the L’Arche community worship at 7:30 on Friday night. The following day, youth volunteered at their community walk-a-thon fundraiser. We spent time in learning about the life and teachings of Henri Nouwen about the importance of belonging to God's community.
A bit about L’Arche:
L’Arche was started by Jean Vanier in France in 1964, when he welcomed 2 men with developmental disabilities who had been living in an institution to live with him in his home. To this day we still live in community this way, there are 3 L’Arche homes here in London and we have 4 people with disability and 4 assistants living in. Today there are 147 communities in 35 countries, the first L’Arche community outside of France was in Richmond hill Ontario and it is called Daybreak. L’Arche is an interfaith organization and Jean Vanier and Henri Nouwen (Henri lived in Daybreak) are well known Christian writers.