Book Study

This is a small group congregational study on, "The Sacred Way, Spiritual Practices for everyday life" by Tony Jones.

Please consider joining others in exploring spiritual practices to help form you towards a closer relationship with God and with others.
This is a six-week course starting the week of April 8-15. Books are provided for participants at $13.

If you wish to participate, please indicate the group (below) that meets at your preferred time by calling Kathy (OPC Office Administrator) at (519) 471-2290.

Monday @2:00 pm

Monday @2:30 pm  (meeting at the church)

Tuesday @9:30 am   (meeting at the church)

Tuesday @9:30 am    (meeting at the church)

Tuesday @7:00 pm    (meeting at the church)

Wednesday @10:00 am  (meeting at the church)

Wednesday @ 1:00 pm

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Thursday @ 1:15 pm

Thursday @ 6:00 pm  (meeting at the church)

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Sunday @ 6:30 pm  (meeting at the church)


*those not meeting at the church are meeting in a congregants home, except for one group which is meeting at a retirement home.