Camp Kintail

Camp Kintail is YOUR camp!  Camp Kintail is a Presbyterian Church Camp that has been serving God and our campers for 86 seasons.  It is located about twenty minutes north of Goderich on a beautiful beach-front property.  Campers come for one week in the summer and participate in swimming, boating, rock climbing, outdoor living skills, arts and crafts, high ropes and much more.   There are special programs for music, dance, guitar, outdoor adventure, baking, and sports.  Sixteen year olds can come for a month long intensive Leader in Training program.  Over the summer season, we take care of over 1300 campers.  In the spring and fall we host retreats and school outdoor education programs.  There is something going on at Kintail all the time.

Oakridge Presbyterian Church has long been involved in the work and ministry at Camp Kintail.  For many years a crew from Oakridge has come to our Opening Day in the spring, providing both lunch and labour. We have shared our young people to work on staff where they care for the children and share the faith that we have helped to nurture.  Many families and campers come and take part in our summer programming.

One of the biggest initiatives that Oakridge Presbyterian Church has been involved in has been sponsoring children from the London Community Chaplaincy (formerly known as the Southdale and Limberlost Chaplaincies).  Each year a bus (paid for by Oakridge) brings up a group of children from community housing to camp.  These children would not be able to come to Kintail without this generous support.  Many of these children have lived with domestic violence, drug abuse in their homes, and responsibilities for younger siblings.  At camp, they can spend time in the outdoors breathing fresh air and getting to do things children should get to do.  The gift of that one week for these children of God is life-changing.  Thank you for helping this miracle happen!

Please visit their website to learn more about their awesome camps!